Available payment methods in Biletin.pl

Bank transfer

After ordering on Biletin.pl you'll receive an email with instructions how to complete your payment with bank transfer.
The order will be canceled if:

  - if we will receive the payment after the deadline (after 3 business days)
  - if you will deposit a wrong amount
  - if you won’t include your order ID number in the title field of transfer

In these cases, the order will be cancelled and the funds credited to your account.

Payment Card

Payment Card payment service is provided by PayU. We accept: Visa and MasterCard, Maestro. After ordering you will be redirected to PayU website to enter your credit card details and confirm with button "Pay". For this payment method will be added 1.90% service fee of total order amount.

Online transfers with PayU

Online Transfers with PayU is a quick and easy way to pay for your ticket.
With PayU you can pay in following banks:

Płacę z iPKOPłacę z iPKO
Płać z INGPłać z ING
Santander Przelew24Santander Przelew24
Płacę z Bankiem Pekao S.A.Płacę z Bankiem Pekao S.A.
Płacę z MillenniumPłacę z Millennium
Płacę z Alior BankiemPłacę z Alior Bankiem
Płacę z InteligoPłacę z Inteligo
Crédit Agricole e-przelewCrédit Agricole e-przelew
Płacę z Citi HandlowyPłacę z Citi Handlowy
Płać z BOŚPłać z BOŚ
BNP ParibasBNP Paribas
Płacę z Getin BankPłacę z Getin Bank
Płacę z Noble BankPłacę z Noble Bank
Banki SpółdzielczeBanki Spółdzielcze
Plus BankPlus Bank
Nest BankNest Bank
SGB BankSGB Bank

For this payment method will be added 1.90% transaction fee of total order amount.