World-Wide Comedy Presents: From Russia With Laugh: Stand-Up in English from Moscow

World-Wide Comedy Presents: From Russia With Laugh: Stand-Up in English from Moscow

Sun, June 18, 2017, 19:00

ul. Pawła Włodkowica 5
50-072, Wrocław
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If everything you know about Russia comes from James Bond movies, crazy YouTube videos, and political news, the picture you have in your head is probably – true. But, eternal cold, strong accent, bears, and vodka, vodka, vodka (there's a lot of vodka) are not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you can joke about it.

How it is to actually live in Moscow, one of the biggest cities in the world, where traditional East meets capitalistic West, where even Russians sometimes feel like aliens, and where the only English word majority of population knows is "what" (because it reminds them of vodka), you will find out through humor and satire from a group of young comics, who know Moscow as the palm of their hand (or at least as much as then can without attracting KGB attention).

A westerner; Adam Bobek (USA), two sons of Mother Russia; Denis Nikolin (Russia) and Gleb Tugushev (Russia), one Asian; Arun Khurana (India) and one European; Igor Mondae (Croatia) will try to break all the stereotypes you might have about the biggest country in the world, and probably doing so create a few new ones.

So, if you were always curious about the lifestyle of Russian youth, how does Russian police behave, why are Russians great friends, do Moscuvites hate foreigners, what is it like to date a Russian girl etc., find out all of that and much more during an hour and a half of laughter and fun by the name of "From Russia with Laugh", brought to you by English Moscow Comedy.

"From Russia with Laugh" successfully premiered in Moscow in April 2016, and has since then been performed on stages in Slovenia (Ljubljana); Croatia (Zagreb, Osijek) and Serbia (Belgrade), before returning to Moscow in October in front of a sold out room.

Denis Nikolin (RUS)

A real Russian man, Denis was born and raised in Moscow, but spent part of his youth living in Berlin and Barcelona, where he encountered all the western stereotypes of Russian folk. Already an established actor, Denis started doing comedy almost 3 years ago, and was one of the first English-speaking performers in Moscow. Besides his regular stand-up performances, Denis also hosts The Humourhoids panel show, in addition to acting and producing for TV. He has performed in multiple venues across Moscow, as well as Stockholm and Berlin, opened for Craig Campbell in November 2015, and headlined EMC's The Big Stand-Up Show in April 2017 in front of 500 people. Denis is one of two founders and managers of English Moscow Comedy, the only organization in Russia that puts on comedy shows in English.

Adam Bobek (USA)

An American who moved from cold Chicago to even colder Russia. Showing interest in Russian language at a young age, Adam studied the language, and eventually moved first to Saint Petersburg, and finally to suburbs of Moscow, where he survived for more than a year. He has been actively performing for more than two years, making his first comedy steps in Moscow, touring the Balkans in 2016, returning to Croatia for a few shows in 2017, and currently performing regularly in Germany.

Arun Khurana (India)

Arun claims he got into comedy because his girlfriend dumped him, so he was free in the evenings. Yeah right Arun. Like you've ever had a girlfriend. His style, combining his experiences as a foreigner stuck in Moscow for 20+ years, his family's conservative background and his bad luck with women, is sure to strike a chord with every audience. Arun has been doing stand-up for more than 2 years now, and has hosted and performed on shows in Moscow, Croatia, and Malaysia, as well as on Indian Independence Day, biggest Indian festival in Russia, in front of more than 1000 people!

Gleb Tugushev (RUS)

Born in the heart of Moscow, Gleb moved to Australia to study, where he spent five whole years, before finally deciding to return to Mother Russia. Actively involved in comedy for the past 5 years, Gleb has performed in Moscow, Australia, Paris, Stockholm, Israel, and comedy festivals Edinburgh Fringe and PANČ Ljubljana, and headlined From Russia with Laugh show on the Balkans tour in 2016. In addition to stand-up, Gleb is a regular panelist on The Humourhoids panel show, as well as a regular co-host on the Capital FM radio station.

Igor Mondae (CRO)

Originaly from Croatia, Igor's experience with Eastern Europe started in Ukraine, and continued in Moscow, where he's been stationed for the past 5 years. As a comedian, Igor's active for around 3 years; performing, hosting and organizing shows around Moscow. He is currently the regular host of the Funny Fridae, a full 2 hour entertainment show in the center of Moscow. In addition, Igor hosted the shows on the From Russia with Laugh Balkan tour in 2016 (Slovenia/Croatia/Serbia), opened for Craig Campbell in Moscow and Daniel-Ryan Spaulding in Zagreb, performed on the first ever English stand-up show in Riga, and acts as a regular panelist on The Humourhoids panel show. Alongside Denis, he is the founder of English Moscow Comedy, where he manages the shows and comedians.

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