Szumowski, Zalewski i Feliga In English!

Szumowski, Zalewski & Feliga In English!

śr., 12 kwietnia 2017, 20:00

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Stand-Up comedy in Polish is incredibly popular right now and there's a lot of talented comedians performing all across the country. But if you don't understand Polish, you can't share in the laughter...


We're bringing THREE of our favorite English speaking Polish comedians to Wroclaw for an incredible night of comedy.

Gaweł Feliga has been on television a few times, but is generally not a bad person. Always skeptical, often a misanthrope; he tries to hide this by making jokes about how we are all doomed. Experienced with observational and dark humor, he points out that this kind of labeling makes him sad.

Bartosz Zalewski started his stand-up career in Wroclaw back in 2010. After receiving numerous praise for his performances in Polish, he turned his beautiful eyes to comedy in English. Having lived a thousand lives through the pages of comic books and regular books alike, Bartosz is ready to sweat, twist and worm his way through painful memories just to bring you joy.

Peter Szumowski has been perfecting his craft for over 5 years, both in English and Polish. During this time he won many awards and has been on Comedy Central and Polish National TV. He helped establish the comedy scene in Poland and organised the first shows in Poland for English speaking comedians. He has performed in small clubs as well as filled in venues of a thousand people. He has also been a part of the biggest comedy festivals both in Europe and Australia.

Last year Peter completed his life project, aka, an endless trip around the world during which he did stand-up comedy in every place possible. That's right- Pete completed an endless task. He was out of the country for 409 days, performed in over 30 countries across 5 continents in 3 languages. 

The evening will be hosted by Wroclaw's Godfather of Stand-Up Comedy in English, Famous Jim Williams.

Tickets: 25 zł / 20 zł (with Student ID)

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