Unspeakable Acts

Unspeakable Acts

śr., 16 sierpnia 2017, 20:00

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Bilet na koncert nie jest gwarancją miejsca siedzącego. W lokalu możliwa jest rezerwacja miejsc pod adresem rezerwacje@vertigojazz.pl

Lokal przeznaczony jest wyłącznie dla osób pełnoletnich.

Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant is proud to bring you a very special evening of comedy featuring two of Wrocław's funniest performers. Keelah Rose Calloway and Christian A. Dumais star in UNSPEAKABLE ACTS OF UNTHINKABLE LUNACY, a show in which two very dfiferent comedians will raise eyebrows, temperatures and possibly the roof itself with laughter. 


Christian A. Dumais is not only an American writer and humorist, but he's one of Poland's best kept secrets. His most recent book, THE LIFE AND TWEETS OF @DRUNKHULK, is based on his wildly successful Twitter feed. Christian's work has been featured on MTV and Comedy Central. MANOLITH said that Christian is "funny, waxing poetic on pop culture in curt and hilarious ways," and HEAVY said to "expect to find Mark Twain-esque quips."


Keelah Rose Calloway is a singer, an aspiring/failed writer and a stand-up comedian of dubious talent. Her most recent book is still sitting on her computer hard drive, and up till now, her work has been featured primarily in the shower. That makes her far cleaner than her comedy, and you can expect to gasp in shock as well as laugh in outrage as she riddles you with sad but true stories of Unspeakable Acts of Unthinkable Lunacy in both her own life, and the lives of others. She recently performed with the Wrocław Respect Orchestra at the Europe on a Fork food festival, and has been featured on the hit ATM show "Five O'Clark." For more information on her small list of accomplishments, check out her unimpressive Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/KeelahRoseCalloway/

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