World Wide Comedy: Pulp Non-Fiction

World Wide Comedy: Pulp Non-Fiction

śr., 26 października 2016, 20:30

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Welcome to World Wide Comedy’s newest venture, Pulp Non-Fiction, exclusively at Club Vertigo. It’s not stand-up comedy, but it will be funny. True stories of real life events, told by comedians, writers, performers, and storytellers. The challenge: all performers will write on the same theme, and tell a true story rather than go for a quick punch-line. Real stories told by funny people to an audience who wants to laugh. While this is an opportunity for our talented comedians to stretch their wings, this show is not just limited to the fine members of WWC – we want to hear from you, too!

Unlike with Open Mic, we won’t be taking volunteers from the audience – you will have to apply in ahead of time. We want to know the writers and storytellers and toastmasters out there. Your story can have a moral, a message or a point or it can just be fun to tell, however, it must be funny, and most importantly, true.

The rules: You must apply in advance and your submission should be less than one page. This will include a title and a brief outline of your talk, sent to worldwidecomedyinc@gmail.com. If accepted, you will be given about 10 minutes of stage time, so please keep that in mind. Spaces are limited, so get your application in early.

Deadline for submissions: 5 October 2016.

October’s theme: Road trip!

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