Billy Talent

Billy Talent

wt., 5 lutego 2013, 20:00
( Start godz. 18:30 )

Klub Studio
ul. Budryka 4
30-072, Kraków

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Hello everyone,

I have 3 things tattooed on my forearm. Friends, Family and Music. They are the 3 most important things to us. We have lost someone who was very close to us and it is been the most surreal week we have ever experienced. We are not the type of band that cancels shows and never have been in our 20 years together but we feel under the circumstances, that we have to pull out of the remainder of this tour. It is a very hard thing to do for us as we do not like to ever let our fans down but we honestly feel that right now we have to be with our friends and family to get through this. We will make it up to you all we promise. We have the most loyal fans in the world and we always stand by you as we hope that you will stand by us in our time of need. In certain places like Belgium we are especially sorry as we had to pull out of Groezrock in 2012 due to Aarons heart surgery and now we have to cancel in Antwerp but please know we are working on something to hopefully make it up to you.

Again we are truly sorry from the bottom of our hearts but at this moment we need to be together and with our loved ones.

Live and love with all your heart.